Day  0. Moscow, central Russia.

The Fortune Teller

Rimma, 85 Years

I have always been interested in the unknown. I was born on the 25th lunar day, that means I am prone to insight and intuitions. My destiny is to interact with people, my karmic task is to serve them.

I have been learning and practicing numerology and esotericism for 40 years already. Originally I am an engineer, I have 52 years of work experience. I have a massive understanding of numbers. Everything now is becoming digital. Pythagoras created a special matrix in which he determined the birthday of each person. Combinations of numbers from 1 to 9 are organized in table cells and they tell about the future, character, energy, duty and hobbies of a person.

I am not a professional esoteric, it’s my passion. It all started when my friend invited me to an underground theater in the 70s. There they were showing Filipino healers surgically removing cancerous tumors. I really liked it. Then my grandma taught me how to read tarot cards. I also went to secret yoga lessons. This was when it was banned in the USSR, the police chased us out. Then I refused fortune telling because I thought it was a sin.

But without numbers nothing can be done – this is an objective worldwide assessment of our human life. Differences in people are due to the natural properties of man, which come from the date of his birth. So I went to the theory of numerology, and began using the pendulum and a frame.

In the 70’s I worked in career center at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (editor: the biggest trade show and exhibition center in Moscow). They gave me an elementary program, but I, as a creative person, included esoteric components in the program. I don’t’ charge for my service and help exclusively acquaintances and friends. I don’t do advertisements. This direct connection from heart to heart is only possible if the person believes in me. Some clients cannot even take a step without me.

I helped the son of my friend to buy a car. He goes and searches for cars on an auspicious day, which I set for him earlier. He only has around 50,000. He calls me, I ask him to put his hand on the hood of the car. With the hood, I can determine its resource and efficiency. A car is essentially an animated robot, she can react to people, like a dog to its owner. I helped him choose a car for 45,000. It served him like a powerful horse.

Recently, for example, I got a call from a friend “I lost my earring. It isn’t anywhere, I searched the whole house. She looked all day, I grabbed the hood and it immediately showed where it is. “Turn your head to the left” and there it is! The earring sticks out of the baseboard.

One time a client met a man and she told me about him. I say, “Do you know that he is 40? And she is 23. I see that he fooled her. After two days she comes to me and says “Rimma Pavlovna, you are right, he is 42”. Why does she need this old fart, if so many guys go after her, when she is such a pretty girl? We immediately found out everything about him, and she broke up with him. Sometimes I think I could work in customs at the airport. I could easily determine what is being transported – dangerous or vodka, weapons, cartridges….

With the help of my frame, I do diagnostics. I can see the whole body, pressure, blood… I really trust only non-traditional medicine. One time I was going to the therapist and I said I feel terrible. He said “Well you’re already old, what do you still have to cure?” I went to the corner with the frame and saw – she bought her diploma!

Many people don’t believe in it. When famous esoteric doctor Konovalov appeared, Luzhniki stadium, it was a full house. I went to his appearance for 12,000 rubles: they have tickets for 4,000 but I have bad hearing, I need to sit close. Some people claim that he is a swindler. How can you not believe if when he appeared, 6,000 people attended: everyone was silent, listening with bated breath, a fly flew by but nobody heard it.

This is called NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming. Life is so difficult now, that people already cannot live with this psychological pressure. People come to this doctor – they calm down, everything is fine, everything is wonderful.

Rimma’s dowsing device

I charge water. Every night I put it under the cone and in the morning it is charged with the energetic pyramid. This charge is so strong, that you don’t need to sharpen knives, they will straighten themselves in the right places. My whole house – is made of Esoteric books. “Self-healing without medicine”, “Brilliant Bioenergy”, “Birthdays – key to understanding people”, “How to achieve spiritual enlightenment”. This book was presented to me by the scientist Semenov himself. Here are photos from space, the image of Christ. Here are some chosen numerical prayers. For example, for the treatment of the optic nerve you should read this prayer then “Our Father” then these numbers. Here is an example, atherosclerosis, for example. You need to read “1 – be silent – 3 – 2 – pause – 1 – silence – then 0 and code ANMISA. If you repeat this, your atherosclerosis will gradually begin to somehow leave you.

My work helps me feel needed. Recently I visited my father’s grave for the first time, I told one of my clients that now I can die. She said “Rimma Pavlovna! How so? We all need you!” I help people make less mistakes.